clubhouse events
Are Clubhouse events the future? Clubhouse is taking over. Pitched as the next best thing in […]
when will corporate events return?
As we approach the one year anniversary of our first event cancellation due to COVID, we’ve […]
We’re living in an incredibly stressful world, and mindfulness in the event industry is hard to […]
launch event ideas
Are you looking for some launch event ideas? Although events can’t currently go ahead, now is […]
corporate retreat at elmley nature reserve
Corporate retreats are on the up. I would define a corporate retreat as taking possible clients […]
COVID Friendly event alternatives
COVID Friendly event alternatives are hard to come by, as events in their nature aren’t COVID […]
working from home calming space
At the timing of writing, it’s the 23rd of September 2020. If you’re reading this in […]
Christmas party in 2020
Are you having a Christmas party in 2020? Well just like everything at the moment that’s […]
return to live events
A return to live events is on the horizon (hooray!). We’ve missed being on site so […]
we make events
Last night I took a trip to London’s embankment to support our beloved industry. I stood […]