launch event ideas

Are you looking for some launch event ideas? Although events can’t currently go ahead, now is a great time to be looking at your options and thinking through what you might like to do.

There’s always alternatives to live events, such as our event boxes. If you can’t wait for live events to return, consider hosting something online, or send your key players a phenomenal box!

Anyway, here are some things to considering when brainstorming launch event ideas.

What’s the point?

Before you even start brainstorming launch event ideas, consider what your event is trying to achieve. Some common KPIs of launch events are increased brand awareness, sales, or new connections made. Defining what you’d like to gain from the outset is key to planning any occasion as it will help you to make appropriate decisions throughout your planning process.


I’m not too fond of the word theme. It makes even the most sophisticated events sound like parties for toddlers. Your launch event is a brilliant opportunity to be creative, so grab it by the horns and go to town.

Start by brainstorming launch event ideas and themes, and I’m sure something will jump out at you. Your concepts can be anything from simple colour ideas through to elaborate experiences. For example, we’re working with a healthcare brand on creating an immersive hospital experience dinner titled “can I extend my stay?”. It’s an incredibly interactive, fun event, and it’ll be the best hospital experience anyone has ever had!

Show your brand

You know the saying you only get one shot at a first impression…. Your launch event should resemble your brand and business. That doesn’t mean slap your logo everywhere possible, and make everything your company colours.

It would be best if you reflected the values of your business throughout your launch event. Consider what you want to show people. Perhaps it’s that you provide impeccable customer service, or maybe it’s that quality is essential to you.

At The New Black Studio, we value an understated sense of cool. For us, that means our launch event would never be shouty or loud. It would be a sleek, sophisticated affair with delicious martinis and Mexican canapes.

Make it Memorable

When thinking of your launch event ideas, take some time to consider how you’ll make a lasting impact on the attendees. If you follow the other points we’ve suggested, that should happen reasonably naturally.

There are many ways to make something memorable. A wow moment, impressive venue, or just everything generally being spot on are brilliant ways to make your event last longer than the day it’s on. Be careful though; you don’t want it to be memorable for the wrong reasons. If you’re worried, we’re pros and can help you avoid mistakes.


People are often invited to many events, depending on your target audience. Journalists, PR, and senior management teams, in particular, can find themselves with multiple event invites for every day of the week. This was before COVID, obvs.

For that reason, when you’re brainstorming launch event ideas, consider how you’re going to make your event enticing from the moment the invitation lands. As I said above, you only get one shot at a first impression. Invites are often overlooked, but they have so much influence over how many people attend your event.

Need more launch event ideas?

I hope this piece has given you some launch event ideas of your own, however, if you’re finding yourself still a bit lost, give us a shout. Myself or one of the team would be glad to help you with some ideas specific to your business.



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