A business development manager got in touch with us as she was feeling at a loss as to how to plan an event. Luckily, we’re experts. We always say we wouldn’t be expected to know how to do your job, so why would you be expected to know how to do ours!! The brief was simple. A rooftop party for 250 people. But here’s the killer. In Glasgow. 

If you don’t know, it notoriously rains all the time in Glasgow. The fact that this event was at the end of August made no difference to the chances of rain. Some might say we’re mad but we decided to go ahead. 

The Feedback

Rebecca was a joy to work with. She was a very calm and reassuring presence in the build-up to our client party and she ensured everything ran seamlessly on the night. She was organised, pleasant and communicative so I felt totally confident in her abilities throughout the process and would absolutely work with her again.

The Purpose 

the purpose of the event was to host a networking reception for the client’s top customers and key Contacts. The client works in post-production in the media industry, notorious for its entertaining. Like many events, we knew we’d have to pull out the stops to get people to actually attend. We wanted to create a fun and relaxed environment where people felt like they could have a good time. It had to be the opposite of a stuffy drinks reception.

The Design 

With drinks receptions, there’s far less to think about in terms of design. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not important. You will have seen in multiple places across our site that we strongly believe the days of drinks receptions, as we know it, are over. Gone are the days where you can invite people to a room, give them a glass of wine and a canape, and send them on their merry way. People have busy lives and simply won’t attend events like this anymore. With that in mind, we pitched an idea to make the event into more of a street food market. With freshly cooked food, craft beer, and a DJ just for the funsies.

The Event

Thankfully our proposal was accepted. We were chuffed to go ahead with the street food market concept. Then, we set about finding a great food supplier knowing that this would be the key the making the event a success. We scoured street food markets in Glasgow, searched through multiple websites and asked everyone we knew for recommendations. Eventually, we came across Stag bites the hog. They provided unreal food cooked right in front of you. On the menu, we had incredible Bahn mi baguettes, Cuban steak sandwiches, and delicious gnocchi.  We wanted to make sure we provided food for those with dietary requirements that weren’t boring. We came up with a vegan chili served with nachos and vegan cheese. It was utterly delicious. To finish off this list of amazing food, we added mini Donuts with Bischof sauce. They were served hot and they were bloody amazing. 

At drinks receptions, all people really want is a good drink and a good bit of food. We ticked the food off the list so then went about finding a killer bar company. We quickly stumbled across West brewery. West has a brewery on Glasgow green so are quite notorious in the city. West provided the best beers on tap something you don’t expect to get at most networking receptions. 

We reached out to Harris gin for sponsorship of the event and they kindly contributed some product. The client wanted to have elements that highlighted their Scottish heritage and Harris gin hit the brief perfectly. 

The DJ paid an ideal mix of cool background tracks, a playlist that has since become one of our office favorites. The songs ranged from The Foals to Fleetwood Mac and TLC what more could you want. 

I’ll tell you what more you could want, dogs. Right from the beginning, We set a precedent of what was to come by saying on the invites dogs are welcome. In fact, encouraged. Thankfully they arrived and added another level of cool to the event. 

Amazingly the Glasgow weather held off and we didn’t get a drop of rain!

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