6 powerful reasons to Plan a launch event

The reasons why it’s beneficial to your business to plan a launch event are endless. If done right, you’ll benefit from the exposure, start to see opportunities arise, and increase your revenue. But what exactly does that mean? And is a launch event right for your business or brand? Have a read of our top 6 powerful reasons to plan a launch event.

6 Powerful Reasons to Plan a Launch Event

Creates a deadline

We all occasional fall into the bad habit of pushing deadlines back, especially when they’re self-set. When you’re launching a product or business which you’ve been working on for a long time, the temptation is there to keep fine-tuning, modifying, and adapting until everything is perfect. But as the saying goes, published is better than perfect. Planning a launch event will give you a deadline you have to hit. Sure, if something goes wrong you can move it, but there’s a lot more riding on it. You’re effectively making a public commitment to finishing by a certain date, and are therefore significantly more likely to hold yourself accountable to so.

Kickstart business

With anything new, there’s always the risk of twiddling your thumbs to begin with while you’re waiting for the customers to come. One of the key benefits of hosting a launch event is that you can create a buzz around your business which is waiting for you when you get back to your desk. If you do it right, you should have calls to make, emails to follow up on and contacts to touch base with after. Getting the right people there is so important for this, which brings me onto my next point…

Opportunity to invite PR

Gone are the days where PR is equated to Edina Monsoon, however it is still incredibly powerful. If you have the correct people there, they can do wonders for your brand while it’s still in its humble beginnings. Their awareness of your product could land you much more than just print press, and picking the right PR is crucial. Be creative, and don’t blanket send an invite to everyone. If you’re launching a new line of men’s self-care products, an agency that deals exclusively with tech won’t be the correct attendees for you. I would arguably say that influencers now fall into this category too. Again, if you select the right people, the promotional aspect can do wonders for your brand.

Opportunity to invite potential customers

Of course. Of course, it’s a benefit to get as many people as you can who may be interested in the room. It’s a classic marketing funnel, the more people you have, the more sales/awareness you’re likely to raise. It’s an opportunity for you and your team to talk to people face to face, explain the foundations of your brand, and really drive home the passion for the business you’ve created. If you have a product, it will also be a great opportunity to get mass feedback, which again takes me to my next point

Initial feedback

If you’re launching a brand or product, we’d like to hope you’ve done your market research already. However, things change constantly in new businesses, so these kinds of events are great to gather feedback on the current position you’re in. If you have a product, it’s a great chance for people to touch and feel the product in real life as opposed to seeing it behind a screen for the last however long.

Instant content

And finally, my last key benefit (although there are plenty more) to hosting a brand event, is that it will give you content. We all know content really is king for businesses. Your launch event will instantly give you pictures for social media of people interacting, which also acts as social proof. A few pictures of smiling happy people will go along way. You can also write blog posts, gather testimonials, and take video footage for YouTube.


Hopefully you can see from the above that the benefits of holding a launch event are endless, however, it has to be done right. You can’t just put people in a room with wine and expect the sales to come rolling in. It has to be compelling, purposeful and intriguing. Once the correct strategy has been put in place, you’ll benefit from the exposure, start to see opportunities arise, and increase your revenue.


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