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The future of London’s event industry is here. Welcome to The New Black Studio. We’re a Creative Events Agency, and more importantly team of radicals that produce considered, creative and successful events above all else. Too often, events are seen as big expensive parties rather than what they actually are, a tremendous tool for marketing and engagement. There’s more to us than just being a creative events agency. 

Our Values

There are a lot of events agencies in London, so it’s important to know our values match yours. It’s taken our management team decades of experience to learn what qualities contribute to a brilliant event and a killer company. 

At The New Black Studio, we believe that passion prevails. We’re less concerned about qualifications and more interested in working with dedicated, enthusiastic individuals. 

The same logic applies to suppliers, we only work with the best. We’ve spent years identifying who’s who in London and have built relationships (mainly over wine) with the people you want to know.

Creativity runs through the veins of everything we do. From your choice of venue, to how your invites are sent, to the way you gather feedback, every single step is an ingredient to construct a great event. Professionals are invited to events all the time, meaning it’s more important now than ever before to make yours stand out.

Why The New Black Studio began

The New Black Studio has been quietly in the making for around 10 years. Our founder, Rebecca, has always had a strong entrepreneurial spirit, probably down to her father being an entrepreneur himself. Rebecca watched him quit his job when she was young and grow a business that started from a desk in the bedroom. Since 16 she has known she would do the same.

Rebecca Said:

“To the untrained eye, it may look like I left my job in May 2019, and started TNBS 6 months later, but in reality, it’s been brewing for years. I’ve had years of filing pictures of my events, years practicing making websites, and plenty of business names that haven’t been quite right.

My career started as an events assistant and worked my way up to be the Director of a well-known London agency. I got to the point where I was so frustrated at the industry. I felt, and still feel, the events industry is largely inefficient. It lacks creativity without spending an amount of money which could literally buy a house. I’ve spent nearly a decade learning the dos and don’ts and knew that I could use that experience to help other people. If you’re a lawyer, how can you ever be expected to know the first thing about how to style a dinner table? I don’t know the first thing about intellectual property law…

I wanted to start a more authentic company. Somewhere I can say what I like on Instagram and wear a leather jacket as uniform (something I’ve since implemented in a T-birds esc fashion). Sometimes when working for corporates, you get pushed into a box. You have to act a certain way and behave in a way to gain “acceptance” and “respect”. I write both those words in speech marks as the irony of it is that no one really respects anyone, because it’s rare anyone is being honest.

The actual job itself? Well, I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m quite dyslexic, so writing an article like this is harder for me, but ask me to pull three colours which go together, no bother. You know those videos where someone has set up hundreds and hundreds of dominos all in a line, then when one falls, the rest fall in a chain reaction? It doesn’t ever work if one of the pieces is out of line. That’s effectively what I do, gather dominos and put them all in a line, so the end result flows. But really, it all stems back to just knowing in my gut that this was my calling.”

How We Can Help

As a creative events agency, we take our clients through a carefully crafted three-step process; first analysing the goals for the event and understanding how they play a part in the larger marketing strategy. We take the time to understand your brand and unearth your unique KPIs, before moving on to form a creative plan.

From here, we progress to event design. This is where we will outline the format of the event, how many people will be there, and the features that’ll really stop the show. All our events are bespoke and created from scratch, as everyone’s needs are completely different. We supply you with design boards, sketches, mock-ups, and plenty more images so you can really understand the atmosphere, appearance, and vision of your event.

Finally, we source each and every supplier from the big, like the venue, to the tiny, like fonts on menus. Our experience means we don’t need to spend days trawling the internet. We’ll know which vendors to place you with based on style, brand, and budget. We make sure everyone adheres to their roles harmoniously and ensure the smooth running of your event. We’re the first on-site, and the last to leave.

All you have to do is show up.

Who We’re Here For

The New Black Studio is a creative events agency primarily for London based businesses who fall into one of three categories:

  • You already run events, but want to add some spice
  • You’re so overworked and need a hand with some of the events which need to be next level.
  • You’re thinking about holding an event but haven’t got a clue where to start.

We work best with people who want to do something a little different. If you’re interested in running a box standard event at the lowest possible cost, we probably won’t be the right team for you.

Where We Work

We have the capabilities and contacts to work anywhere in the world, but London is where we really know what’s what and who’s who. Having worked in areas as remote as Costa Rica before, anything is possible.

When Can You Book

Now! Hola. As part of our launch, we’re offering a free no-obligation consultation in January and February. That’s a sweet opportunity to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. Plus, we always bring coffee. Black though, obviously.



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