event industry future report

Are you curious about the future of the event industry? When will we be able to plan events again? Will the effects of Covid-19 have a lasting impression? What impact will this have on revenue?

We wanted to know the answer to these questions too, so we’ve written a report.

It’s a turbulent and unprecedented time for all businesses, and it’s safe to say that due to lockdown measures, hospitality and tourism have been hit particularly hard. A recent survey from ONS shows that out of 6171 businesses surveyed 82% reported a temporary pause to trade.

So, how can we prepare to economically and logistically recover from Covid-19? What measures could be implemented to help support the return of events?

The New Black Studio is a corporate event agency based in London. Like many other businesses, we find ourselves trying to paint a picture of the future of the event industry, but we have no idea what the finished piece will resemble. As we work with our clients to create event delivery plans for 2020 and beyond, we remain positive and excited to return to event planning.

We hope this report will educate, inform, and show that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We hope all readers find themselves safe and well during the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves.


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