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Today is a great day for businesses just like ours; Businesses who have been struggling to know what step to take next, and when our teams will be able to function again as their former selves. Business events are back.

This morning, Boris Johnson has announced that business events such as conferences and exhibitions can return as of the 1st of October 2020. A lot can change between now and then, but I know first hand that having a date makes everything so much more manageable. Having time means we can plan, and as planners, that’s pretty important to us!

The announcement has given businesses an element of control. We are now able to make our own decisions regarding our futures, and be able to take steps to recover. A lot of my peers have, unfortunately, not made it this far. As with many industries, the pandemic has had a devastating effect on revenues and jobs, but now, we see signs of hope.

There’s hope for the freelancers who haven’t had a job in six months, and for the businesses who are desperate to get back on site. We fall into the latter. Business events form such a large part of our economy, and we are delighted to see our livelihoods return.

Of course, this change will not come without its challenges. There will likely be many restrictions, measures and precautions to put into place. The Government is yet to announce any specific guidance for the event industry; however, we can learn from existing guidelines such as hospitality. Plus, event planners are brilliant at adapting; look at how much adaptation has occurred over the last few months.

I, for one, can say that I am delighted and excited to have a date to return to the work I love. The last six months have been incredibly challenging. It’s been torture to wait in the wings while all of my friends re-open their businesses. We will change to survive and outsmart the pandemic.

As a business, The New Black Studio is educating all our staff in COVID-19 safety, with training provided by the World Health Organisation. We are adapting our business to allow for a flexible way of working, with flexi-dates, contracts, and suppliers. We have spent the last six months reporting and waiting for business events to make a comeback, and it feels great to have a date.

So, we’re looking forward to seeing you again in October. Thanks for riding the storm with us.

Rebecca Brennan-Brown
Managing Director
The New Black Studio


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