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Online Event Tips
Today we’re talking online event tips. Although restrictions are easing, […]
The New Black Studio is delighted to announce we have […]
events post covid-19
The following post has been created using sections of the […]
event industry future report
Are you curious about the future of the event industry? […]
truth about freelancing in events
Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the consequent effects […]
london events agency
Choosing the right London events agency for you There are […]
Christmas Party Venues in London for 2020
What brings you to this article on Christmas Party Venues […]
event industry coronavirus
It’s undoubtable that this is a devastating time for businesses […]
Mindfulness for event managers
Mindfulness for event managers is important. Events Management hovers around […]
creative event management launch event
MSI computing came to The New Black Studio looking for […]
maximise event revenue the new black studio
We’re back with another piece on coronavirus and its impact […]
Hosting a Large Event in London
Today we were talking about hosting a large event in […]
the roundhouse events
Guys, I’m so freaking excited to tell you that the […]
coronavirus and events
Coronavirus is now starting to make a huge impact on […]
If you know Rebecca, the founder of The New Black […]
Creative event agency
Rebecca here, founder of London’s coolest creative event agency (am […]
maximise event revenue the new black studio
One of the most common reasons our clients hold events […]
event management post event success
The guests have left, the caterers have loaded out, and […]
event planning top Mba
The founder of our event planning business, Rebecca Brennan-Brown, was […]
creative event ideas
Looking for more creative event ideas and ways to make […]
KPIs to Measure Event Success
Using clear KPIs to measure event success is so important. […]
Too often, events are seen as big expensive parties rather […]
Creative Events Agency - The New Black Studio Logo
The future of London’s event industry is here. Welcome to […]
Everyone loves a Christmas Party. But doesn’t it seem like […]
venue hire in London two temple place
Venue hire in London can be a minefield, especially if […]
6 powerful reasons to Plan a launch event
The reasons why it’s beneficial to your business to plan […]
A business development manager got in touch with us as […]
event strategy
Here at The New Black Studio, we like to do […]
event planner hacks marie kondo your inbox
Event Planner Hacks are hard to come by, and s […]
*Altert: Disgusting post ahead. I am talking about Christmas Parties […]
historic dockyard chatham
I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been […]
how to plan a corporate event
If you’re not a corporate event organiser, but need to plan […]
corporate event planning tips
We all know event planning is hard, but then there’s […]
creative event agency London
The New Black Studio. Creative Event Agency in London. The […]
events job in London how to
In such an overcrowded market, how do you get an […]