Christmas Party Venues in London for 2020
What brings you to this article on Christmas Party Venues in London for 2020? Just kidding… although it’s March, we’re obviously in the middle a pandemic right now. A lot of people are thinking ahead to brighter, more fun futures when we’re allowed to socialise again! […]
Planning Events During Covid19
Planning events during Covid19 might seem like somewhat of an impossible task. We’re in such a difficult position at the moment as we don’t know when things will return to “normal”. We don’t know exactly what the long term impact on the business will be, and […]
working from home in the event industry
So for most working from home in the event industry, we’re about a week in. This is the point where some cracks might start to show. Are you being way less productive than you thought? Is the siren call of homes under the hammer proving just […]
event industry coronavirus
It’s undoubtable that this is a devastating time for businesses not only in the UK, but across the world. I’m writing this on a Sunday afternoon, on the 22nd of March 2020. It’s been two days since the government shut down all restaurants, gyms, and social establishments. […]
Working from home when you work in events |
As we’re all aware, a lot of us are now working from home. At The New Black Studio, we’re a completely remote team so we are well versed in the art of working from home when you work in events. It takes a while to form […]
Mindfulness for event managers
Mindfulness for event managers is important. Events Management hovers around number six on the list of most stressful jobs, just behind life threatening careers. In an industry which is fast paced, demanding and intense, how do we maintain a level of calm? It’s easy to forget […]
creative event management launch event
MSI computing came to The New Black Studio looking for Creative Event Management. The marketing team reached out, wanting to host an event for the launch of their new laptop. As the company isn’t based in London, they were looking for experts to help guide them […]
maximise event revenue the new black studio
We’re back with another piece on coronavirus and its impact on the events industry. It’s been 2 days since we wrote our last piece, and we’re seeing more and more businesses cancelled their events. There’s definitely an underlying level of fear across a lot of suppliers […]
Hosting a Large Event in London
Today we were talking about hosting a large event in London. If you keep up to date without The Club regularly, you’ll see that a few weeks ago we posted an article on why small events are good for your business. Now we’ll be looking into […]
the roundhouse events
Guys, I’m so freaking excited to tell you that the new black studio is now an approved supplier at The Roundhouse. In case you haven’t guessed, it’s Rebecca here and I’m dictating this rather than writing. Firstly, because that’s just how excited I am and secondly […]