Hosting a Large Event in London

Today we were talking about hosting a large event in London. If you keep up to date without The Club regularly, you’ll see that a few weeks ago we posted an article on why small events are good for your business. Now we’ll be looking into the reasons why large events are good for your business. Obviously, with larger events in London there comes a larger cost. More people means more cost per head and of course you need a space to hold that many guests. But what else?  

Sponsorship opportunities for large events in London

If you’re hosting a large event in London, you might find it somewhat easier to get sponsorship. The cost of sponsoring should be more expensive for a larger event, but for the business development manager making the decision it could be seen as an opportunity to get in front of significantly more people. They may deem this more beneficial than sponsoring say a round table breakfast. As I said in the beginning of this article, more people mean more space. Therefore, this may also present more opportunities to display the companies branding or more space to interact with guests. 

However, this does also come with the caveat. Having more delegates in a room won’t make any difference unless you’ve got the correct manpower, systems and facilities in place to actually deal with the volume. Sponsoring the large event is completely pointless if you only have one person from your team available to attend. That one person is never going to be able to utilise all the opportunities available on their own.

Man Power Needed

This is kind of simulator how we left the last point. If you are hosting a large event in London you need to make sure you have the manpower available to correctly deliver it. We recommend breaking your team down into different sections and giving them each an element of the event to look after. For example, you might allocate one person to guest experience, one person to catering, one to speaker management, and one to sponsorship management. 

You need all hands on deck to oversee an event of 5000 people plus, and will need to bring in external contractors to help manage everything. If your event is a dinner, that’s a huge number of covers. There are many differences between running a dinner for say 150 people and running a dinner for 600. Service plans have to change, menus have to change, and sometimes the way that guests move around the venue has to change. There are things that become more difficult, so making these adjustments will ultimately create a better experience. 


Perhaps the biggest benefits to hosting a large event in London is the atmosphere that it creates. For anyone who has been to a networking reception, dinner, conference or anything like that for 500 plus, you know that it’s pretty difficult not to create a buzz. The contrast to this is that it can also be quite intimidating to be met with a wall of people. However if you take the appropriate steps you can create a really good vibe.

Make a statement

Hosting an event in London 4 500 plus People is quite a statement. It should be seen as quite an achievement to get that many people in a room at the same time and as mentioned above, external sponsors clients etc may also view this in the same way. It can be a great tool for creating interest about your business. It will also get people talking and to make sure your name is getting mentioned. For more on this point have a look at our previous article about creating engaging events.

Huge revenue income

As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post with more people comes higher costs. However, with more people also comes significantly more revenue. There is a balance point where the cost per head will outweigh the actual cost to you. This means that an extra person can more often be seen as a higher percentage of profit rather than the sheer outgoing cost. 

It’s rare that the cost per head is actually strongly aligned with the ticket price for that person. As mentioned above, you also have the added revenue of more sponsorship income. So if profit and revenue are important factors to measure event success, we would suggest you consider hosting a large event. If you need help working out what your event success measures are having a look at this article and our downloadable sheet. 

We hope you found this article useful unconceived benefits to hosting a large event. Hosting a large event in London shouldn’t be seen as a tricky task. there are few avenues to choose from and some things do have to change but it could all be done. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you deliver a stand out event get in touch with one of our team today.


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