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Such a large part of what we do at The New Black Studio begins with event concept and event design. Sometimes clients give us an idea or theme they’d like to go for, and other times they rely on us to provide the complete concept and inspiration. What makes a good and bad design is so subjective, but there are a few key pillars that remain in everything we do. 

Colour Theory

Understanding colour theory has become an important part of our event design process. This is something that I learned about at The University for the Creative Arts. For those who are currently clueless, colour theory is both the science and art of using colour.

“Color theory is both the science and art of using color. It explains how humans perceive color; and the visual effects of how colors mix, match or contrast with each other. Color theory also involves the messages colors communicate; and the methods used to replicate color.”

Kris Decker, 99 Designs

Understanding the key principles of colour theory means we can create event designs that we know visually will work. We know orange works well with blue, plus add red to create the perfect triad (a la burger king logo). 


Another way in which a background in art and design has helped me is that I understand what’s possible, and what processes take place. Most of the time when you study any sort of Art and Design, you have to do a foundation degree. This means you spend two years working on various different mediums. From fine art painting to fashion and textiles to graphic design. You get exposed to such a wide range of techniques and skills. In practice terms, this has made it much easier for me to have conversations with various suppliers and tell them what’s possible. I know that a production company can screen print that banner, or that I can sew together a centerpiece myself. All good stuff.

Branding and Visual Identity 

Everything you see on this website has been created by me. I built this site, I designed the logo, I created the visual identity. At no point have there been any marketing or design agencies involved. I like to think I can come up with a good brand and a good image, and I apply exactly the same logic to events. Everything needs to work together, so it doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful centerpieces in the world, if they don’t work with the entrance your guests will be confused and disjointed. 

Should you study Art and Design?

For anyone considering studying art and design, or even taking a course to help with event design, I’d say do it. Although as I said, to begin with, it is subjective, there are points which will make things so much easier to pull together.

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