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MSI computing came to The New Black Studio looking for Creative Event Management. The marketing team reached out, wanting to host an event for the launch of their new laptop. As the company isn’t based in London, they were looking for experts to help guide them through the minefield of suppliers. Midway through our planning, the coronavirus hit and we had to make some pretty quick decisions on the future of the event. Never fearing the challenge we decided to go on, despite potential difficulties caused by the outbreak.


I’m really happy with my decision that choosing The New Black Studio as our partner for new product launch event. Rebecca is so supportive and kind, and the quote is reasonable as well. I’ll definitely recommend them as your event partner.

The Purpose

The purpose of the event was to launch a new laptop. It needed to showcase products in the best light and give MSI the best chance of selling units. The attendees were going to be big-name buyers, so we had to put on a show and keep them engaged. It was important that the event was representational of the brand. 

The Design 

MSI brand themselves as the market leader for gaming laptops. This meant that the design of the event had to be appropriate, modern and sophisticated but not cliché. We made a conscious effort to avoid anything that was traditionally associated with gamers. Our approach was as refined as the product. The original design and format changed 2 weeks prior to the event due to the virus outbreak. We had to reassess the purpose and priorities which meant we ended up hosting a full day showcase followed by a drinks reception.

Creative Event Management

Being a tech company, Creative Event Management was important. It was important that the venue matched MSI’s level of futuristic thinking. We looked at many spaces from completely dry hire to rooftops. We specifically wanted to avoid dark and dingy basements. There was something about the London Edition which became the top choice. The lighting of the room reflected some of the elements of the new products making it the obvious winner. 

We created display areas in which MSI could showcase their laptops. We had lightboxes with graphics behind each laptop providing an extra level of depth to the displays. The laptops themselves are simply stunning and a showcase of brilliant design. Consequently, we didn’t have to decorate the table displays. We created chic but informative spec cards to display the necessary information buyers would want to know. 

We had a huge high-quality projection screen which was used to display some of the marketing materials. It served a second purpose providing somewhere to display important stats and information relating to the buyers. At the click of a button, MSI could access anything they needed. We made sure that there was a small meeting table available so that if any more serious discussions needed to take place they were space to do so. 

Of course, there’s no work without play so we bought in branded air hockey tables. The aim of this was to add a more social aspect to the day. The London edition served the most exquisite food and delightful wines throughout the day creating the perfect environment. 

The coronavirus caused potential issues. This meant that several key people couldn’t fly over and the stock was stuck in Germany until the day before the event. However, on-site you would never have known that any of these issues occurred and the event was a great success.

We look forward to working with the fantastic team at MSI in the future. 

DO you have a launch event in mind but aren’t sure how to deliver? Get in touch with our team today, we’ll give you a helping hand. 

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